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Offering successful results based upon an unparalleled twenty years of focused dedicated treatment using Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, The Spinal Foundation has enabled over 10,000 people to enjoy a fuller, more active life. Our advanced techniques lower the risks and have helped everyone from the average man and woman to active sportspeople and entertainers, including people suffering from failed back surgery, chronic infirmity and disability. Moreover, we can help those deemed too elderly for surgery and those undergoing pain management or behavioural therapy - even if you were told ‘the pain is in your head’ or ‘you’ll just have to live with it’ by conventional doctors and surgeons.

Don't Miss Out

Don’t be confused by clinics offering Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) which by definition has an incision of less than 7.5mm, when they really mean Less Invasive Spinal Surgery (LISS) which uses an incision(s) which amount to 20 - 80mm.

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Female First

  • The Perfect Posture
    The Perfect Posture

    Perfect posture will take a bit of practise, but it can make you look so much overall. Dr Martin Knight.

  • Female First Article
    Female First Article

    High heels are favoured by plenty of women, but just what effect will they have on your spinal Health.

Don't Be Misled

Don’t be misled by claims unsupported by independently peer reviewed published research. The Spinal Foundation has pioneered the development of Endoscopic Minimal Invasive Spinal Surgery. See our research and results

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DrMartinKnight Lady whose leg pain caused her repeatedly to collapse in street pain free following spine keyhole surgery
DrMartinKnight Just chatted to my patient treated in Portsmouth & left unable to sit for 18 months. POSTOP now sitting No back pain Weaned off meds :)4 him
DrMartinKnight Operated on at.3 levels. Now Pain free upright with restored leg power & sensation Now he can take his family on safari!!