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Helping Those Who May Otherwise Be Left To Suffer

In place of pain

The Spinal Foundation was established to help people who would have simply been left to cope with their pain and disability. This is especially important because the NHS currently spends about £480 million on services for back pain many of which are ineffective.

A history of success

The Spinal Foundation has been developing and refining its techniques for over 20 years and has already successfully treated over 6,100 complex cases using laser "keyhole" surgery on patients who would otherwise have required a major intervention such as fusion surgery.

A charitable trust

The Spinal Foundation is also an academic research centre and has established a charitable trust both to raise funds for the training of future surgeons and the development of techniques and equipment, and to build an evidence base so that in future the treatment may be widely offered to NHS patients.

Martin Knight FRCS

Martin Knight Spinal Surgeon

Team Principal Martin Knight is a Consultant Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgeon and an expert in the evaluation, stabilisation, treatment and rehabilitation of spinal injuries and degenerative disc disease.

Martin is an internationally acknowledged leader in Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery, and under his guidance, the team has developed unique high technology surgical tools and equipment and is currently researching robotic solutions that will permit even greater accuracy.

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