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Endoscopic Discectomy


Cervical Endoscopic Discectomy uses spinal probing of the annulus through the antero-lateral approach under X-ray guidance to obtain patient feedback and so identify the causal level requiring treatment. Where the feedback from more than one level overlaps then Differential Discography is employed.

The discography needle is replaced by a guide wire. A dilator and sheath are eased down the anaesthetised track to the disc wall. The Disc wall (annulus) is opened with a fine trephine and the dilator is inserted together with the sheath. Manual removal of degenerate material is performed fluoroscopically (under X-ray control). The endoscope is then inserted and under visual control residual disc material is removed together with osteophytes. The wound is closed with one suture. Antibiotic cover is given throughout the procedure and postoperatively. The patient is mobilised without a collar within hours of the procedure.

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