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Please read some of our Patient Success Stories below, you may find we have been able to help others suffering from similar issues and symptoms as you.



"now walking half a mile"

Dear Mr Knight,

I cannot thank you enough for the help and work you have done on my husband’s lower back last year. You removed a cyst and corrected a disc bulge and cleared out the foramen all of which had flattened the nerve affecting his right leg and subsequently his walking.

He is now walking half a mile with “walking poles” and works out with his neuro physiotherapist and is gradually moving over to Reforma Pilates which he actually enjoys.

More to the point he is walking relatively normally (for a stroke victim) around the house.

We are really grateful for all that you have done especially as the NHS Neuro Orthopaedic surgeon he was seeing said there was nothing wrong and he would not operate on him anyway due to the fact that he had suffered a big stroke.

It is a great pity that the NHS cannot provide such operations for those cases which would benefit from such operations.

I have recommended you to others who are also in need of a miracle.

Thank you and your team including Jenny Jago for all their help given.

Wishing you the very best.

Helen M Ball

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"25 years later!"

This is a quick note of thanks. I now work for Medtronic and was sat in a product review recently for our spine business, it made me realise how advanced you were when I had the good fortune of your intervention on my back during your time in Rochdale! I do hope you are well. I still manage to run and play tennis based on the fix that was made. Knowing how we love to hear patient stories I thought it might be nice for you to get one 25 years later!

Wishing you the very best.


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"gave me back my life"

From the age of eight I wanted to be a ballet dancer. Not a ballerina in a fluffy tutu but a dancer and not from a need to perform for others but for me to dance. It was everything to me - to fill spaces with movement. At 16 I went to full-time ballet school and got injured within a short time in an accident which involved: another dancer out of time with the music, a studio that was too small and being pushed into a grand piano. I never recovered sufficiently to dance again and over the years the injury became full-blown sciatica which at first would come and go but then would cause weeks of very distressing pain. Eventually there were no gaps in the pain and everything became a huge challenge. I could no longer work and eventually I could hardly feel my legs. The NHS conventional treatments were of no benefit whatsoever and I slowly felt like I was giving up & losing my personality as well as my mobility. Investigations had yielded no results, nothing visible. Through a relative who had a client who recommended The Spinal Foundation my husband persuaded me to give this a go. I was very apprehensive for the simple reason that I didn't want it to prove another doorway that I would go through that would yield me no relief. My husband however is a very persevering man and he finally persuaded me to see The Spinal Foundation. I was now 36 - just a few months short of 20 years from when I had had my original injury - able to shuffle for maybe 50 yards to the car & at this point my brain had turned off the message which is sent to turn on the core stability muscles. At Martin Knight's request I had a further MRI scan on which could be seen a tiny, tiny grey line. During the operation it turned out that this was an osteophyte which had been slowly growing and was now slowly cutting through my sciatic nerve. On the day I arrived at the hospital for my operation I could hardly walk even with my walking stick (I was now on my second folding walking stick as I had worn out the elastic in the first). After my endoscopic laser foraminoplasty I had a seminal moment during the night that I spent in the hospital; I woke up in the middle of the night unable to sleep and made a decision. I got out of bed and got my folding walking stick. I folded it up and put it away in my overnight bag with a firm resolve that I was never going to use it again. If I couldn't get there under my own steam I wouldn't be going. To this day 17 years later I have never used the walking stick. After 3 years post recovery I managed to get back to work part-time and my husband and I got married. The day that I managed to climb Glastonbury Tor was a real moment for me, my legs were wobbling like crazy but I got to the top and no stick in sight.

My husband and I now have an alpaca farm. I am in charge of animal husbandry and do all the alpaca injections etc. I am also the midwife! In the early days when I was a bit less aware of alpaca behaviour I got caught unawares whilst holding an alpaca's leg - he kicked out and I ended up doing a combat roll across the field. My husband laughed so hard, he said it was a sight to see but I could get up from that combat roll come back to the animal and carry on. I do still get the odd twinge of sciatica but I know what I need to do and it goes away.

My thanks to Martin Knight is immeasurable; without his passion for relieving the pain of others I would still be unable to feel my legs, feel sure that I would by now be in a wheelchair and presumably by now the osteophyte would have cut right through my sciatic nerve. Just the sheer thought of this scenario is beyond my comprehension; Martin Knight & the team at The Spinal Foundation gave me back my life.

Thank you.

A. from Devon

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