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MISS - A revolution in spinal surgery

We can help you

As pioneers in our field, we have garnered a wealth of knowledge that is not available to conventional doctors and surgeons. In addition, we have developed state-of-the-art technology and revolutionary diagnostic and surgical techniques that can help you – even if others say you cannot be helped.

New ways to treat pain

Back problems are caused by a number of different conditions, many of which can be diagnosed and treated by our highly specialised ‘aware state’ surgical techniques. In particular Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery or MISS offers new and exciting solutions for the treatment of back pain and spinal conditions.

Advanced ‘keyhole’ surgery

Unlike conventional surgery where a considerable volume of otherwise healthy tissue is removed under a general anesthetic, MISS is a ‘keyhole surgery’ procedure for diagnosis and treatment and is carried out in a twilight state under a local anesthetic and powerful circulating pain killers and sedation.

Guiding success

Powerful circulating pain killers, 100 times stronger than Morphine, control pain and permit surgical intervention. The patient can thus give invaluable feedback to the surgeon, guiding him/her to the source of pain and improving success in a way that would not be possible under a general anaesthetic.

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