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A new beginning

The Spinal Foundation has successfully treated over 10,000 patients, many of whom were told ‘the pain is all in your head’ or ‘you’ll just have to live with it’. Our robust audited techniques are used by over 650 spinal surgeons world-wide and have helped thousands of people return to a fuller, more active life.

Finding the real causes of pain

Today’s lifestyles cause weak back muscles and malposture so problems and pain arise from the nerves as well as the discs. Our work involves: clearing the nerves from irritation by ligaments and scarring; overgrowth of bones and joints; and compression by disc bulging and inflammation.

Improving your lifestyle

We can address the problems of arthritis, narrowing of the spine, scarring, infected abscesses, tumours and large disc protrusions, bone spikes digging into nerves and so-called ‘instability’. Our techniques can help the elderly and the infirm, as well as younger people, to return to a healthier life style.

Protecting your future

Our aim is to preserve your options for future treatment should your spine continue to degenerate so that you can take advantage of evolving surgical techniques. For your further information, please refer to the following information about conditions and treatment. (see also Glossary of Terms)

Lumbosacral or SacroIliac Angle Pain


In the lower back there is an angle formed by the vertical spine and the iliac crest apical which extends downwards over the...

Disc Protrusion Symptoms and Treatment

What Exactly is a Disc Protrusion?

If you have a disc protrusion then you are suffering from what is commonly called a ‘slipped disc’. In...

Slipped Disc (continued)

How are repeated attacks treated?

Repeated attacks or enduring symptoms need more radical treatment and these may be grouped in to three...


Arachnoiditis Syndrome

The Myth about the Arachnoiditis Syndrome?

Arachnoiditis is the clumping together and tethering of the...

Cauda Equina Syndrome

The clue is in the name and taken from the Latin equine for horse to describe the mass of nerve roots at the lower end of the spinal canal that...

Osteoporosis Fracture

Osteoporosis Vertebral Fractures

What causes Osteoporosis Fracture in the spine?

Osteoporosis Fractures are fractures of the...

Arm Pain and Shoulder Pain

What Causes Arm Pain & Shoulder Pain?

In most cases where there is a combination of arm pain and shoulder pain, the cause arises from...

Neck Pain Symptoms and Treatment

What causes neck pain?

The actual causes of neck pain can be difficult to locate using conventional diagnostic techniques, because each...

Parkinson's Disease Sufferers

Parkinson's Disease Sufferers

What is special about Parkinson’s Syndrome Sufferers?

Parkinson’s Syndrome is a condition where...

Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers

Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers

What is Special About Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers?

Multiple Sclerosis is a condition where the...

High Intensity Zones

High Intensity Zone Symptoms & Treatment

What exactly is a High Intensity Zone?

If you have a High Intensity Zone (HIZ) then...

Degenerative Disc Disease or Disc Degeneration (Spondylosis)

What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

Oddly enough, this condition is not really degenerative and is not really a disease. More correctly it...

Failed Pain Management

Failed Spinal Pain Management

What are the causes of Spinal Failed Pain Management?

Patients with degeneration of the spine are...

Failed Back Surgery and Treatment

What is Failed Back Surgery?

Self-evidently, failed back surgery is the outcome of surgical intervention that has been less than...

Axial Stenosis

What is Axial Stenosis?

In medical terms, Stenosis is a ‘narrowing’ of any tubular vessel or structural passageway within the body. Axial...

Lateral Recess Stenosis and Treatment

What is Lateral Recess Stenosis?

In medical terms, Stenosis is a ‘narrowing’ of any tubular vessel or structural passageway within the...

Vertebral Slippage

Vertebral Slippage (Spondylolisthesis & Retrolisthesis)

What Exactly is Vertebral Slippage?

Vertebral Slippage describes the...

Sports Spinal Injuries

What is Special About Sports Spinal Injuries?

Whilst we marvel at our Sports men and women, many are afflicted with Degenerate Disc...

Spine "Instability"

What Causes Spinal “Instability”?

Spinal Instability is a term coined to describe abnormal movement between one vertebra and another. As...

Back Pain Symptoms and Treatment

In general, it is widely accepted that back pain is related both to the ‘discs’ of soft tissue that separate and cushion the vertebrae in the...

Trapped Nerve

Do You Think You Are Suffering From A Trapped Nerve?

Please Contact Us to see if we can help.



Sciatica Symptoms and Treatment

What exactly is Sciatica?

Sciatica is actually a symptom rather than a condition and it relates to a wide range of leg pains that can be...

Slipped Disc Symptoms and Treatment

How do you know it’s a slipped disc?

When people say they have a slipped disc, they are often using a general term for back problems....

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