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We would like to help you to check out your symptoms and move towards a diagnosis or reinforce the diagnosis of your specialist. However the treatment strategies may be more advanced and include the use of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. I would suggest that you select the sections that match your current condition. So, if you have symptoms of:

Low Back Pain, Sciatica and Multiple Sclerosis

The Myth of pain and Multiple Sclerosis

Frequently Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sufferers are told that their Low Back Pain is due to their...

Failed Back Surgery

Symptoms related to Failed Back Surgery

  • Continuing or aggravated back or leg symptoms following previous spine surgery.
  • ...

Chronic Pain Management

Symptoms that persist despite Chronic Pain Management

  • Continuing or aggravated back or leg symptoms following Chronic Pain
  • ...

Unexplained Back / Leg pain

Symptoms of Unexplained Back / Leg pain

  • Disproportionate disabling pain in back or leg.

Back Pain associated with Fever

Symptoms of Back Pain associated with Fever


Widespread Back Stiffness

Symptoms of Widespread Back Stiffness

  • Gradual stiffness emerging in the neck & spreading down the back and involving the sacro-
  • ...

Increasing Back ± Leg Pain & Deformity


  • Continuous increasing back pain in the absence of a temperature rise & increasing deformity ± leg pain.
  • ...

Slippage of One Vertebra Upon Another


  • Back pain ± leg discomfort / pins & needles / pain aggravated by twisting / rotation / flexion /extension
  • ...

Constant & Increasing Back Pain


  • Constant knawing pain gradually increasing in intensity. Associated change in general health, lassitude, weight loss.
  • ...

Exercise related weakness of back or legs

Symptoms of exercise related weakness of back or legs

  • Weakness of buttock / thigh / shin / calf, aggravated by exercise / walking /
  • ...

Back Pain & Instability / Back weakness

Symptoms of Back Pain & “Instability” / Back weakness.

  • Low back pain ± Buttock pain associated with a catch on extension (
  • ...

Leg pain related to a Disc wall bulge / Slipped disc


  • Shooting (lancinating) pain in to the leg ± pins & needles / numbness ± muscle weakness affecting the leg
  • Low
  • ...

Back pain related to a Disc wall bulge / Slipped disc

  • Low Back pain ± buttock pain
  • Aggravated by flexion / extension of the back ± coughing / lifting eased by lying down
  • No
  • ...

Back / Leg pain & Incontinence and Numbness

Symptoms of Loss of Sphincter Function

  • Back ± Buttock or leg pain BUT WITH disturbance of sphincter function (difficulty passing
  • ...
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