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Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery addresses a wide spectrum of conditions as listed below.

The Myth of Spinal "Instability"

The Myth

Concepts abound in Spinal Surgery derived from operating upon anaesthetised patients or cadavers. Back pain is thought to arise...

Antibiotic Therapy for Low Back Pain

Early stage Back Pain associated with break down production and reaction in the adjacent vertebrae as detected...

Back Pain

What exactly causes back pain?

In general, it is widely accepted that back pain is related both to the ‘discs’ of soft tissue that...


The source of Sciatica can be clearly defined by aware state surgical examination. Patient feedback guides the surgeon to the point in the lumbar...


Who Does It Affect?

Self help treatment

Osteoporosis is a loss of calcification within the bones which may be associated with...

Cervical Pain


Current concepts regarding the source of cervical and brachialgic pain rely upon the perceptions derived from anatomical and...

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