Cervical Nucleoplasty


Nucleoplasty is a means of reducing the production of breakdown products within the disc which may be irritant when the percolates (ooze) through the disc wall and on to adjacent structures such as the Posterior Longitudinal Ligament or nearby nerves. The technique utilises "cool" radiofrequency to interupt the production of these products and to gradually effect a reduction in a disc wall bulge. The techniques is performed by a posterolateral approach woith the patient in the aware state with all the diagnostic and safety benefits that accrue to its use and are reviewed on this site.

It is used for soft broad based bulges of the disc where the disc is in an early stage of degeneration. It may be used to compliment an Endoscopic Decompression and Foraminoplasty at an adjacent level or as a primary procedure in early stage degeneration.

The technique is performed in the BMI Hospital Huddersfield or in the Clinique Toulouse Lautrec in Albi.