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Welcome to this section of the Spinal Foundation website which overviews available Minimal Invasive Surgical procedures

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Endoscopic Disc Augmentation

What is a Percutaneous Disc Augmentation?

Following an extensive clearance of the degenerate material within the disc by Endoscopic Laser...

Congenital Fractures

Spondylolytic Spondylolisthesis Fractures

There are multiple classification of lumbar and lumbo-sacral spondylolisthesis. As such...

Cervical Nucleoplasty

Nucleoplasty is a means of reducing the production of breakdown products within the disc which may be irritant when the percolates (ooze) through...

Axial Spinal Stenosis

When dura and Cauda Equina are compressed in a narrow vertebral canal, axial canal stenosis is present. This entity is termed axial stenosis. The...

Aware State Surgery

Aware State surgery is routinely practiced for back pain or sciaitca at the Spinal Foundation because it takes the guess work out of diagnosis and...

Aware State Diagnosis

Aware State surgery is routinely practised at the Spinal Foundation for a number of reasons:

  • Increased safety for patient and surgeon
  • ...


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