Help for 'No Hopers'


Help is at Hand

Under our care, almost 10,000 people now enjoy a fuller, more active life. Yet many of these were told ‘the pain is all in your head’ or ‘you’ll just have to live with it’ by conventional doctors and surgeons. In fact many people with back problems have been told that nothing can be done. Others may have had previous surgery that has gone wrong. Still others may have been offered conventional surgery or “Less Invasive Spinal Surgery” (LISS) but are understandably frightened. We can help.


You Are Not Alone

It’s a fact that patients with long-term back problems pose many challenges to medical practitioners and it is widely acknowledged that the true sources of back pain may not be perfectly understood. This is why the Spinal Foundation was established to help people who would otherwise have simply been left to exist with their pain and disability. This is troubling because the NHS currently spends about £480 million on back pain services, many of which are ineffective.


Preserving Your Options

The Spinal Foundation aims to preserve the patient’s options for future treatment should their spine continue to degenerate so that advantage can be taken of evolving surgical techniques.