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Some of our patients have provided feedback on their outcomes following endoscopic minimally invasive spine surgery and their restoration of quality of life. These are spontaneous and freely given and the patients wished them to be published on our website for the reassurance and encouragement of other sufferers.


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We have received many comments in praise of The Spinal Foundation's pioneering work - and how it has changed lives. These endorsements are cherished because they are spontaneous and unsolicited. Their authors trust that they will give patients confidence to examine and use Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery despite the reticence of traditional GPs and surgeons and websites ignorant of experience with these techniques. These same authors would urge you to pursue this route as a means of “keeping your options open” because further endoscopic procedures will be developed in the future which will enhance these techniques but may be compromised by traditional surgery.

Because of the number of comments we have received, it has been neccessary to group them by year that they were received. When you have read the patient comments below, please look at our donations page as our battle to provide this service for UK patients needs all your support. Our site unlike many is based upon careful and ongoing research.


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