Patient Stories 2007


Patient Report - Karen Wallis

Written by Karen Wallis

When I first met Mr Knight in February 2007, I had just about lost hope of finding anyone who...

Patient Report - Helen Salt

Written by Helen Salt

March 2007

Sixteen years ago whilst I was still at school I started to get...

Josephine Cook's Battle for a Referral

I may be forced to move home because the PCT won’t help me...

Andy Ford's Battle with York and North Yorkshire PCT

Taken from THE PRESS 20/July/2007

The Spinal Foundation - What is It?

A research organisation, based in Congleton,...

A Rejuvenated Cyclist

Colin Hubbard, a Spinal Foundation patient, pictured on the summit of Glyder Fach in Snowdonia. In July 2006 he cycled 10

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