A Rejuvenated Cyclist


Colin Hubbard, a Spinal Foundation patient, pictured on the summit of Glyder Fach in Snowdonia. In July 2006 he cycled 10 miles to the foot of Tryfan, climbed Tryfan and Glyder Fach via grade 1 scrambles, descended via Glyder Fawr and then cycled back to his camp site. Earlier in the year he had been rendered almost immobile by a 20% disc bulge and underwent an endoscopic lumbar decompression. His recovery is such that he plans to cycle 2,500 miles of the Southern India coastline in early 2007.

Update September 2007

Thought it was about time I let you know how I'm getting on.

My back is fine and I've been keeping up with the physiotherapy sessions with Meridian. I know there is a weakness there and I'm being very careful how I move. Up to now I've had no setbacks.

I wasn't able to go to India in January, not because of any medical problem but because the person I was going with backed out at the very last minute. However, all was not lost. At the end of May I set off from Northampton on my expedition bike for a 15 day ride to Romania. Total distance was 1380 miles and there were several days of 120 to 125 miles. Of the 8 riders I was the only one on a mountain bike so I did quite well to keep up. I was also the oldest (by far!). The ride was supported by a team in a van so I didn't need to carry much gear.

On Thursday I set off for 2 weeks cycling across Iceland, this time with 4 panniers, tent and camping gear. I'm meeting a German friend who's flying out from Berlin. He was a Bolton exchange student, originally from Leipzig. I think the trickiest bit will be getting to Iceland. The plane leaves from Stansted so I've got two train journeys and 3 bike rides to get there, including one across central London.

(And sent 24 July) Iceland was the greatest challenge of the 2 journeys because of the weight of the panniers and the appalling condition of the grit roads and tracks that we used. We did just over 1000km in 13 days, camping wild each night. We forded deep rivers, crossed barren wildernesses and even a blistering hot desert! No mishaps despite spending most of the time cycling on what appeared to be lubricated ping pong balls.

Colin Hubbard September 2007