Ginny Smith and Matt Byrne who’s lives and careers might have been ruined


There are many people who have reason to be grateful to Mr Knight and the Spinal Foundation, but none more so than Ginny Smith and Matt Byrne who’s lives and careers might have been ruined without his help and expertise

Ginny is a horse rider and trainer who lives at Highfield Hall nr. Queensferry North Wales while Matt is a full time entertainer/songwriter from Liverpool. He works all over Europe as a Robbie Williams tribute act

In the last 10 years both Ginny and Matt’s quality of life and jobs were at risk through serious back problems. They both went the usual NHS route, tried the conventional and unconventional health remedies, acupuncture, physiotherapy, injections etc. but none of these solved their problems. In fact Matt was told that if his problem was left he might end up in a wheelchair

Eventually Ginny was recommended to see Mr Knight who operated on her successfully and when Matt’s problem became intolerable he too went to Mr Knight. The surgery was successful and life changing. Ginny is back competing and Matt has just commenced his third summer season at Blackpool’s Central Pier in the Legends Show

In recognition of the work that the Spinal Foundation does and knowing the need for continual research, Ginny and Matt have organised a spectacular fundraising show ‘A NIGHT OF STARS’ at Highfield Hall on Sunday 17th August 2008, please click NIGHT OF STARS for more information.