Long haul Experience - Pam Scarffe


Dear Mr Knight, it has been a long time since I last saw you, so you can be forgiven if you wonder who on earth I am! Several years ago, at the height of my despair and disillusionment with the NHS, I became one of your patients. I underwent two ELFs and many, many physio sessions, all of which, at that time, didn't give me the pain free life I envisaged.
However, I am utterly convinced that those interventions have now worked miracles! About two years ago,for some unknown reason, I got a relatively pain free "window" for a week. During this time I made a concerted effort to get walking again. With the help of my husband, the more I walked, the fitter I became, the less pain I had, so the more I walked. (Bearing in mind until this point I could hardly get up and down stairs let alone walk any distance without acute sciatic pain. My life was miserable)


Two years on, despite having acute labyrinthitis for eight months this year, I am now able to tell you that yesterday 23rd November 2007, our 39th wedding anniversary, I got to the top of Pen-y-ghent in North Yorkshire!

I want to thank you SO much for what you and your team did for me and to give hope to those of your patients struggling to get their lives back. My message is one of hope and to say NEVER give up. Long may you continue the good work that you do.

I wish you a very Happy Christmas and a healing New Year,
Yours very gratefully
Pam Scarffe

Dear Mr Knight, an update!

Another year on and still well and active.
Mike and I celebrated our Ruby Wedding Anniversary above the Arctic Circle on MS Lofoten in November 2008.

Very best wishes to you and your team at the Spinal Foundation
Pam Scarffe
PS I have had about five people contact me about the SF and I am willing to continue to help if I am able.

Pam has kindly offered to give independent email support to patients considering Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. Please contact her on pammars@talktalk.net or through the Spinal Foundation on +44 1260 296 346 or by email jago@spinal-foundation.org