Margaret Walsh Back injury caused by simple lifting exercise


During 1998 Margaret lifted a petrol generator along with her partner. The object was not over heavy but whilst turning to her left through 90 deg, she felt a twinge in her left buttock. The next day she experienced some discomfort in the lower back. This intensified as time passed. She has suffered a back injury by a simple lifting exercise.
She had treatment by chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture, tens machine and even tried faith healing but all to no avail. Eventually we paid privately to see a specialist back specialist at Taunton Nuffield Hospital. He stated he could find nothing wrong even with further follow up examinations by the same specialist at
Taunton Musgrove Park Hospital and an MR1 scan. We then noticed in the press that a German specialist was holding a clinic in London and we made an appointment to see him. After looking at the scans and carrying out a physical examination he diagnosed stenosis of the spinal canal in the lower back. We returned to our local hospital and saw a different consultant who disagreed with the findings of the German consultant and he stated he could find nothing wrong even though Margaret was in intense pain every day. His words were, "Don't let anyone take a knife to you."
In 2007 and after nine years in agony and very poor quality of life we read an article
in The Daily Mail regarding a lady who had similar problems to Margaret and she had been treated by a consultant surgeon at The Spinal Foundation In Congleton Cheshire. We contacted them and were referred to Mr. Martin T Knight the surgeon concerned. He agreed to see Margaret and she had her first appointment in September 2007.
After viewing her scans and carrying out a physical examination, he came up with a similar diagnoses to the German doctor she had previously seen. He stated that he could help Margaret by carrying out minimally invasive surgery to relieve the pain but did not give her false hopes of complete relief. The operation was carried out on 24 of June 2008 at The BMI Hospital in Huddersfield.
Margaret experienced some discomfort during the operation but this was well worth the pain she had suffered for the past nine years. The scar could be covered by a five pence piece. She cannot speak highly enough of Mr Knight and his staff at The Spinal Foundation. Also she would like to mention the staff at the hospital who looked after her so well even though she only spent the one night in there.
She still suffers from leg problems caused mainly by lack of mobility but we hope this will improve in the fullness of time.