Jill talks about the success of her surgery


It's amazing but it is now a year since I had my back op. and thought I'd give you an up-date.

The day before the op Martin said that he would hope to rid me of 50% of the pain and give me 50% more mobility. I'm very happy to say that he succeeded in giving me 90% less pain and a great deal more mobility.

I can sleep now without pain and that in itself is something of a miracle. I have been doing Pilates from September last - going to a class once a week and doing some of the exercises every day - and have found that extremely helpful, particularly with deportment. I had become quite bent and now feel that I am upright again.

I also walk nearly every day and did 5 miles last week with the walking group. I ached afterwards but so I suspect did many of the others as it was heavy going in the muddy conditions.

I do hope that you are getting loads of people taking advantage of your amazing skills. We pass 'the gospel according to Martin Knight' on wherever we go!

Regards to you all and keep up the good work.