Hugh Tatham-Thompson's Story


Hugh's problems started in 1988 after a laparotamy to remove the gallbladder. He suddenly found that he had dreadful pain in the lumbar spinal region.  This carried on unabated and untreated until 1992 when Hugh fell down the stairs sustaining a serious head and neck injury. Hugh consulted in the region of thirty or so consultants, specialising in one discipline or another, between 1988 and the present day without any treatment for the spinal problems.   He had great pain radiating from his neck over his ears (predominantly on the left) with movement in his neck very severely restricted on the left and partially so on the right. At times he had lancing pains from the left side of his neck into his head that were stupefying, together with pain between his shoulder blades that was very wearing.  Walking was difficult due to pain in the legs and Hugh had wasting in the forearms and hands, with very little use of the fingers in both hands. He also had numb patches in his torso, arms, hands and legs.
Hugh was examined by Mr M. Knight through the offices of Sir Paul Beresford MP, who had by some means, convinced the PCT that approving funding for Mr Knight to carry out treatment was the right thing to do.
Prior to this Hugh had no treatment whatsoever from the NHS for his spine in the last twenty two years and has been unable to work since 1988. When Hugh met Mr Knight for the first time any misgivings he had were dispelled very rapidly indeed.
As for the outcome of the decompression surgery, Hugh describes it as little short of miraculous. To not have the pain in his head, shoulders and arms was like having an enormous weight taken off. In fact he feels that what he has fought for, for the last twenty two years is finally coming to fruition. It is not yet four weeks since Mr Knight carried out the procedure and Hugh feels greatly improved.

To quote Hugh  - "I have little doubt that I shall experience the same effect when Mr Knight carries out the procedure in my lumbar spine.  Anyone with what they feel is a spinal problem could not do any better than consult Mr Knight, I can say that without fear of contradiction. In the event that any reader wants to talk to me on the subject, as a lay person who has experienced Mr Knight's treatment, I shall be very pleased to help if I can.
T.Hugh Tatham-Thompson."

Hugh has kindly offered to give independent email support to patients considering Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. Please contact him on "Hugh TathamThompson" <> or through the Spinal Foundation on +44 1260 296 346 or by email