Karl Potts' Story


The pain started about 18 years ago, first in my leg then moved into my back at times. The pain seemed to be worse when I was sitting still for a long period of time.


At the time I was working in Spain, and had to travel home quite often. From what I remember I spent most of the flying time walking round the aircraft, as the pain was unbearable. My doctor was not very helpful and told me to try a Chiropractor, which I did although initially it caused even more pain after a few days the pain seemed to go away, only to return a couple of weeks later. I have since tried several other forms of treatment, all to no avail. Several years ago the pain became so bad I saw a surgeon in my area with regards to surgery, after X-rays and scans was told there was no treatment. That is when I first heard of the Spinal Foundation, and Mr. Knight.


After visiting Mr. Knight in Congleton, several X-rays and Scans, he thought there was a good chance of an operation being successful. I decided to go ahead and have the operation.


The operation was carried out at The BMI Hospital in Huddersfield.


The operation was Endoscopic Lumbar Decompression & Foraminoplasty at L5/S1 & Laser Decompression at L4/5 on the left. I had the operation on 02nd November 2009 and Left Hospital the next day.


Mr Knight warned me that after a couple of days the pain would return, and remain for a couple of weeks, this indeed happened, with pain in my leg and foot. This gradually decreased until I was left with no pain at all. Now nine months later and I have no pain, and lead a full active life, I’m even playing Golf, something I’ve been unable to do for a long time.


Quite honestly, without Mr. Knight’s knowledge and skills, I would have led the life of an invalid. I would also like to thank Jenny and Chris who are a fantastic part of The Spinal Foundation's team.


Karl has kindly offered to give independent email support to patients considering Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. Please contact him on "R POTTS" <giantparty@btinternet.com> or through the Spinal Foundation on +44 1260 296 346 or by email jago@spinal-foundation.org