Carole Hall's Story


My back pain started 15 years ago and I have been on pain killers since 1996.They did not really kill the pain. Then I started to have epidurals which at first did take the pain away and then in 2011, they did not work at all.

Then I met Martin Knight. Mr Knight really knows what he is doing with backs and is very thorough. I had my back operation on the 21st of September 2011. I was walking around the hospital in Kent within a few hours and out of hospital on the very next day.

The operation took 4 hours. On the morning of the operation, I felt so scared that day that I nearly ‘backed out’, but I need not have worried at all, as Mr Knight and the hospital team were fantastic. They made me completely at ease.

The operation went really well and I could not believe the next day when I woke up that I had no pain in my back. It is lovely to get out of bed each morning without any continual pain, I know that sounds silly but when you have had difficulty getting out of bed for so long, it’s brilliant.

It is early days but my back is so much better and my chronic pain has gone. I have to do my bit in this recovery and I am now going for balancing physiotherapy weekly. My back is now getting stronger each day and I have learnt how to strengthen my back and avoid strain.

I could not do much for the first 6 weeks and can’t overdo it for 12 months but it will be worth it.

Thanks Mr Knight for doing an excellent job, that is remarkable, and with a great team.

Carole Hall