Christine Matton


Thirty years ago I had a fall whilst ice-skating when a young man tripped me up; little did I know it would result in the problems I have endured ever since. An initial bout of sciatica continued to flare-up over the years and became steadily more severe. About four years ago, my back finally reached a stage where I was not only having problems enjoying my hobbies, which were mostly sporting activities, but also I was having problems working. I finally had to seek help. I had lumbar fusion, which at first seemed to have worked wonderfully but after a while pain started to creep back. I had copious amounts of both physiotherapy and pain control injections none of which helped. After being told there was nothing further that could be done I can't put into words how I felt; here I was at 54 feeling like my life had ended. I could no longer go hill climbing, walking and mountain biking even occasional dog walking was beyond me and as for working and running my business it was almost impossible. So I had no option but to close my business down. I then started looking on the internet for a solution and that was when I stumbled across the Spinal Foundation. I read almost every word of their website and then I researched the numerous newspaper articles printed about them. I 'chewed this over' for a few weeks then I summoned up the courage and sent them an email. They replied very quickly and then phoned me; to my relief I appeared to be a suitable candidate for the procedure Mr Knight carries out. I had scans taken locally before travelling up to Cheshire. Although I entered the offices with some trepidation (I really hate anything remotely related to hospitals), I was pleasantly surprised. The secretary and nurse were both very friendly and welcoming, it still didn't stop me sitting with my knees knocking whilst waiting to see Mr Knight! When it was my turn to be seen, Mr Knight immediately put me at ease by explaining everything about the procedure and how he thought it could help with my problem. No pressure whatsoever was put on me to make a decision there and then, I was told to go away and think about it. I didn't have to think for very long and arrangements were quickly made for me to go to Huddersfield for the procedure. All the staff were really pleasant and although nerves were getting the better of me everything in the theatre was so relaxed and friendly. I soon settled and once the procedure began I can actually remember thinking 'mmm this isn't too bad'. It appeared that most of my problem was caused by scar tissue which was growing around a nerve. The only time I felt any pain was when the nerve had to be moved; apparently scarring had pushed it out of place and Mr Knight had to coax it back into its rightful position. I'll admit this part was a tad painful and I was glad when it was over. All the time throughout the procedure Mr Knight asked me if I was okay and I was assured if I asked him to stop he would have done so immediately. Well I think I've chattered on enough, but I will just end by saying having this procedure was the best decision I have ever made; I have my life back and I am again running my business. Should I be unfortunate enough to have a back problem again in the future Mr Knight will be my first port of call.

Oh and the young man that tripped me in the first place, I married him! He is now getting repaid for his deed; he has to help with housework.

Christine has kindly offered to give independent support to patients
considering Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. Please contact her
on or +44 1474 569848