Dawn Lowe


From: Dawn Lowe
Sent: 05 May 2011 7:59 AM
To: Jenny Jago
Hi Jenny,
It was lovely to catch up with you again yesterday afternoon.
As promised, the following is my testimonial for Mr Knight.

My problems started 10 years ago following a road traffic accident.  Whiplash was diagnosed 'go home, take medication, it will right itself'.  I am sure there will be many prople who may read the following will relate to my symptoms: lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain with numbness radiating down my arm to my fingers.  Years of pain and discomfort have followed, treatments have ranged from: physiotherapy, injections, coping strategies, tens machine and various medications.  Sadly the examinations I have had shown that I have had very real problems, but the scans have shown up nothing major going on, but pain is very real and life changing.  I was even given the impression by some professionals, that perhaps this was all in my head, if only it was!
Finally, I was shown an article by a very capable doctor, a Pain Management Consultant, that was in one of his professional magazines it was Mr Knight at The Spinal Foundation, his work and results looked amazing.  Following my consultation with Mr Knight, it was agreed that I was a suitable candidate for surgery, scaring and tethered nerves were discovered, finally an answer to my prayers to end my pain, and an answer as to why I was suffering.
I am only 7 weeks post op, but I no longer take any of the numerous mind numbing medications that I was prescribed, and my pain has reduced from on average '7/8' on a good day to '0/1' out of 10, I think that is evidence enough.  I am not a rich person financially, just a 40 something receptionist who did not want my life or that of my family to stop because of my pain.  I am however, a very rich person in the fact that my life has been returned back to me by Mr Knight, what price can you put on pain?
If by reading any of this, and it may sound familiar, I would hope that you do not hesitate, if you have the opportunity, seize it with both hands - the healing ones of Mr Knight at The Spinal Foundation.
Thank you so very much, my family and I will be eternally grateful.
Dawn Lowe xx