An email of thanks.....


Sent: 04 April 2011 9:21 AM
Jenny Jago
Update from Maxine Lowrie

Hi Jenny

I hope all is well with you and MK.    Thank God the sun is shinning which always helps!

I am doing really well, not ready to run the marathon but the nerve pain has gone and now it just aches. Thank you for recommending Petra Tanner she is brilliant. I have total confidence in her and she is "coaching" me through the stages of rehabilitation. I walk 3 miles a day and am able to go and watch my horse compete (out all day) without coming back crippled. It's great.

Riding will be a slower process at least another 3 months before I can start. I think I've done a grand job of stuffing my muscular system up!

It's hard to express my gratitude for all you have done for me without gushing! This is my life and I am slowly getting it back there is no measure for what that means. Thank you just doesn't cover it.

I will keep you updated and when I am further along will produce a testimonial for you.

All the best, Maxine