Serena Phillips Story


From: Serena Phillips
Sent: 20 March 2012 11:26 AM
To: Jenny Jago
Cc: Martin Knight
Subject: Serena Phillips - Progress since Procedure July 2011

Dear Mr Knight,

I wanted to give you a progress report on how well I have recovered since my procedure with yourself in July 2011.

I saw you on the follow up appointment after the procedure and my pain score had reduced but I was still in constant pain, albeit reduced.

I got in touch with the muscle balance physio you advised in Alderley Edge and saw Jean. Following months of sessions and a lot of hard work with constant stretching at home. I have been what I call pain free for months now.

I get discomfort and some occasional pain in my lower back if I sit too long in a chair/car (bad supporting seats), but once I move or rest I find it quickly goes. 

I'm able to walk normally, even walk my labradors for an hour every day. I no longer take any form of medication and feel stronger every day. I can go shopping for the day without any worries or taking a crutch!

My husband and I decided at the start of this year that my progress was doing so well that it was time to start a family, and I am now 7 weeks pregnant.

I have just had my final session with the physio, who has left it open, so if I need her I can call, but she is now happy for me to manage with my stretching etc.

I no longer have pain at the forefront of my mind. Instead I now have the thoughts of a little one.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story, and believe that there was something going on with my back, despite my constant "clear" MRI's!!  Your belief and the procedure you performed have given me my life back. I'm 31 and can get back to living again!

Kind Regards
Serena Phillips