Marion Dear's Story


Thanks to Mr Martin Knight I was able to enjoy celebrating 50 years of marriage with family and friends.

I had suffered with back and neck problems and been in pain for several years.   Going out in a car was a major problem as being driven around a roundabout or over ‘sleeping policeman’ would result in violent sickness.   Life was not happy for me being in constant pain and unable to participate in any family activity, leaving me thinking I was always letting the family down.

My family were worried about me to such an extent that they insisted I sort private medical advice, such that I was taken to London to see a renowned specialist, who said quite simply there is nothing wrong “It’s all in your head”.   After this my family also believed my problems were in my head which resulted in getting less sympathy that before the consultation.    However I knew there was something wrong.

Having heard about Mr Knight I made an appointment to see him and his first words I still treasure today many years later…….“Hello Mrs Dear Tell me your problem, bearing in mind “I always believe the patient because you know your body better than anybody else.” Immediately I felt at last somebody was going to listen and investigate my problems.

Mr Knight’s unique x–ray and scans were carried out slightly differently to those I had had previously.   Thankfully they enabled Mr Knight to identify my problems, which he confirmed would all contribute to the symptoms I had been having.

Mr Knight operated after which there was a great improvement and referred me to a Neurosurgeon who also operated.    Between both surgeons they cured the problems which was great relief enabling me to commence living a normal life.  This also proved that my problems hadn’t been in my head.

I wish to thank Mr Knight for being a listening Surgeon who explained to me and my GP in detail exactly what he had found and his proposal. With his knowledge and skill he has certainly given me a much improved life for which I thank him.

Yours sincerely

Marion Dear