Tim Thackeray's Story


On 1 Feb 2013, at 14:38, tim wrote:

Dear Mr Knight,
Following our brief telephone call this morning I am pleased to be able to report back on my wife’s progress since you operated on her back in the early and late 90’s. To say you gave her a life back would not be far from the truth, she now carries out a perfectly normal life and to be honest her  job now involves some very strenuous lifting and moving. She would not have been able to do this in her 30’s and here she is just made 50 and her back is going strong. We can’t thank you enough!
The reason I called your number today was that a customer of ours was talking about his back problems and as usual I brought up in the conversation about this chap we had met in Rochdale all those years ago who was a genius (as far as backs go!). I went and googled your name and hey presto you answered the telephone.
I hope that my comments regarding what you did for Jackie will help convince customers of the possibilities that you and your team can achieve, you were an inspiration then and I am sure you still are.
Thanks and all the very best.
Tim Thackeray
A very happy husband of an even happier patient