Thanks to Dr Knight


About 3 years ago I had an operation for extrusion of disc S1-L5 in Dubai , for the next 18 months I didn’t have any trouble with my back or legs but after that I started to get twitching in my left leg and numbness in my foot. After a few months it worsened and my nights have been a challenge for me as I got a lot of cramps in my legs with any turning.

I started to visit many neurologists where I wasted a lot of time also I have been prescribed different pills that were supposed to help me to sleep, but it wasn’t a solution and I kept waking up during night from cramps. So that treatment took 8 months until my husband found Dr Knight , who is pioneer and very professional in spinal ( surgery) like TELDF, and famous with pioneering of the experimental use of the product called ‘’Gelstix’’ which has been used only on 400 people in the world.

By this time I was tormented with cramps and felt even worse because of pain in the lower back. My husband and I decided not to waste any more time with neurologists and to consult with Dr Knight.

So for Mr Knight it took one hour to check my mobility and study X-ray that was taken half hour before in the seated position where he indicated that I had an extrusion of the same disc S1-L5 and protrusion of L4- L5 and give me chance to decide about operation TELDF and Gelstix,

During the examination of my back Dr Knight inspired me that a positive outcome could be achieved and I could have hope and believe in the future. So me and my husband took decision to carry on with an operation as soon as it is possible and we fixed the date

The day of my surgery was 13th May 2014 and it was carried out unlike any others. I was kept awake but could not feel the medical tools being inserted into my body, but could still talk with the doctor during the whole process of the operation in order to indicate where I could feel pain while Dr Knight probed my nerves. This is Dr Knight’s new method to help him to find exact cause of pain and make the right decision to clear the tissue.

The operation lasted about 3 hours but I did not feel that it was that long (I think that I must have switched off from time to time). After the operation was done I woke up absolutely clear without any effect of anaesthetic (thanks to anaesthesiologist) as can happen that after a long time under anaesthetic when you can experience shivering, cold, sick etc. When I woke I was so happy to see the smile of Dr Knight who asked me how I felt and I explained to him that the pain had disappeared I felt so delighted that I wanted get up straight away but I had to lay for a few hours until the doctor allowed me to stand up for few minute to go to the bathroom. I had to stay in the hospital for one night for observation before going home. I would like to point out that the hospital was not like any other that I have experienced but more like a 5 star hotel, so good that I didn’t want to discharge (joke). What impressed me was that the room was huge with coffee table, armchairs, big wardrobe, TV, special high moving table that is can be moved easily to your bed right close to you. Well and the bath room I can’t even find the words is was so perfect and so big that 2 invalid chairs could easily move around plus there was a few huge mirrors, shower and toilet. Everything was absolutely beautiful designed with helpful details like handles for supporting yourself) THANKS TO DESIGNER

So all staff of the Weymouth Hospital were amazing where I met friendly and highly qualified people like Dr Knight, his secretary Jenny ( wonderful woman who helped a lot with appointments and other things) physiotherapist Chris Boynes, anaesthetist ( please forgive me I forgot his name) nurses like Nairy , Sindy, Ann, Kloudy and Elena etc, were just wonderful. I would also like to note that from the beginning I was surprised to meet with Russian girl – Elena, who settled me in my room and explained everything in Russian language. From first hours being in hospital I felt cosy and calm since I heard such nice Russian word as “sweet heart’’ but in Russian expression of course that made me so happy and believe that it was a really good sign which inspired me with confidence of recovering soon after such major operation.

For everything they have done for me I would like to express my gratitude to all the team of hospital, nurses, kitchen staff (the service and meals was so beautiful and tasty –yum, yum yum) even in reception and office people were so friendly and helpful, for example, one polite guy (again sorry forgot his name) helped me and patiently explained and helped me with BUPA claim form.

I have not enough words to say thanks to Dr Knight who gave me confidence and strength to continue my life Also big thanks toall staff at the Weymouth Hospital and clinic on 9 Harley Street.

I am really try to express my thanks in the best way that I can for everyone who was involved with my rehabilitation.

Irkinoy Talbot

SPASIBO (in Russian language)