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Please read some of our Patient Stories below, you may find we have been able to help others suffering from the same issues and symptoms as you.



"difference you have made to my life"

Dear Mr Knight and Jenny

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your skill and expertise in doing all that you did on the 21st February to restore damaged nerves and to repair leaking discs!!

I am still amazed at the difference you have made to my life – and even though there are the flares to contend with, there is the faintest of lights at the end of what has been a long, dark tunnel!

Thank you so much for being willing to see me and to be willing to help me.

Thank you too for all the pre-op preparations and smoothing out of details that Jenny did to ensure the procedure could go ahead when it did. And for all the information and encouragement and support given since the procedure.  

You are a wonderful team and I know I am so fortunate to have been seen and treated by THE BEST! Words fail me…almost!!

“Thank You” isn’t adequate – but from the depth of my being, I am!!

With Kindest Regards




"no pain"

Dear Martin

There is probably no adequate way to thank you for what you have done for Jill, but I’ll have a go. Today she woke with her old cheeky grin on her face not seen for years, rose tentatively to go to the loo, went there with no stagger, limp or sudden grasp for the door frame, returned and remarked with a smile, “no pain”.

While you have made us aware of the likelihood of a flare, at the moment we are filled with hope that if it comes and when it subsides there is the possibility of life returning to liveable.

It seems to me that you must have spent the 3 solid hours on Wednesday exercising a unimaginable (to Me) degree of concentration, care, diligence and skill. The sort of thing required of a pilot for short periods but, I would have thought, totally knackering for the hours you spend making my favourite wife better. Seemingly far more than you usually have to do for your patients.  And I also thank you for leaving her with images of you scampering through French countryside trying to induce the return of an escaped parrot.  Something may be skewed in the reporting of this event, but I’d suggest leaving it as it is in her mind.  It sits well there.

I thank you also for being so kind and generous with your time in assessing Jill and informing us both.  I may have to bin all my preconceptions about Saunderites.

It seems mad to me that the NHS does not do what you do.  I have had some success in the past with MPs – would it help if I was to try to persuade mine (he’s one of the few good ones) to try to influence the DoH? I see they have a PUS for Public Health and Innovation – she probably goes home early and would welcome something to do to make her famous.  Let me know if I can help – we might even get a petition going – you must have a wide body of satisfied customers for a start.

Again, our total appreciation of your time and expertise, and that of your kind and gifted anaesthetist – may you live happily and forever.

With our Best Wishes




"neurosurgeon would not help me"

Dear Mr Knight

Thank you for the extra time it must have taken to evaluate my ‘unique’ scans.

It was an interesting meeting as it was evident that both yourself and my husband did not equate how I appear/what I can do to the severity of the state of my spine.  I was not surprised only because of the pain level.

Now, you can appreciate why Mr Stanworth the neurosurgeon would not help me, he said I looked good, had completed 3 week intensive physio “assault” course well so could not be in chronic pain.  I would call it strength of character. What choice have I had other then go through all mixtures of drugs which have little effect and just do what I can.

I fully expected you to say given the state of my scans you would not be able to help.  However, when you said “I’d still like to have a go”, that showed me something about your strength of character.

All I expect of you is given the enormity of the task is to be at your best (no shoulder pain) dispose of as much scar tissue as possible if you can help with foot pain it would be fantastic if not, I must find some way to suppress the pain by drugs.

I wish you well for your op, enjoy your recovery. I will be in touch in the New Year.

Best regards




"quality of life"

Dear Mr Knight

To try to say thank you for the difference your skill and expertise have made to all our lives, especially Emma’s, is woefully inadequate.

We know it is early days but already we can see a vast improvement in her quality of life.  It is so hard to watch someone you love suffer so much pain and be unable to help in any way and so as a family we are deeply indebted to yo.

With love and gratitude to all your team

Phil & Sue



"pain free every day since surgery"

Dear Mr Knight

Thank you so much!

Thank you for all that John is (and will be) able to achieve because of your considerable skill and pioneering surgery.

Not least, being pain free every day since surgery – truly amazing.

In appreciation of your considerate care and kind attention.

With our very best wishes

Karen and John



"I shall recommend you to anyone"


Thank you for everything, I’m so glad that I found you.  I shall recommend you to anyone who will listen!

Kind regards to your lovely team as well.




"minimal pain and improving daily"

Dear Mr Knight

Just a note to let you know that I am making good progress with minimal pain and improving daily.  I cannot thank you enough for your care and expertise.  The operation has given me hope for the future.

Julia and I are looking forward to our long walk in Northumberland which we thought we would never be able to do again.

Please send Jenny our good wishes.  Looking forward to seeing you for my post operative review

Kind regards

Neil and Julia



"Thank you!"

Dear Mr Knight and Jenny

Thank you!

I so wish there were more I could say to express my gratitude for all you are doing to help me!

With my best wishes

Kindest regards


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