Why we need your help:


What are the funds for:

We desperately need funds to keep our services available and to continue our research because most current treatments are ineffective and our experience shows many could benefit who would otherwise be left to suffer. We need your money to meet these costs so please support our fundraising events or make a donation directly to the Spinal Foundation via the Donate Box on the right or Just Giving below:

Our goal is clear

Every year in the UK alone, around 16 million people will experience back problems. Many of these will have to take time off work from a week to a year or more. Our aim is to develop our techniques and establish an evidence base so that our procedures may be made widely available to NHS patients.

We need more data

In order for NHS patients to be referred to The Spinal Foundation, we need to conduct a Randomised Clinical Trial so that NICE can review the data favourably and thus issue referral guidelines to PCTs. We need your support if we are to meet the costs of providing a facility and running a trial.