Low Back Pain, Sciatica and Multiple Sclerosis


The Myth of pain and Multiple Sclerosis

Frequently Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sufferers are told that their Low Back Pain is due to their Multiple Sclerosis.  Patients do suffer with fleeting episodes of pain often around joints. In the majority this arises because of the underuse of supporting muscles and loss of control of normal joint movements due to muscle atrophy.

In the lumbar spine the loss of control of the deep spinal muscles (multifidus) and the core stabilisers of the abdomen leads to atrophy and poorly controlled movements of the facet joints and disc.  This may give rise from local pain due to abnormal micro-movements and pain from the micro-traumatised nerves.  These symptoms may be managed by Muscle Balance Physiotherapy.

However chronic Low Back Pain and Sciatica arises from the same conventional pathology that affects so many of us. MS Patients are often fobbed off because they fare adversely with General Anaesthesia.  Consequently many are told that their pain is arising directly from their MS. In the vast majority, this is a myth and is not the case. For patients with MS and chronic Low Back Pain and Sciatica, aware state Endoscopic Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery can effectively relieve their symptoms making the concurrent disabilities more bearable and active rehabilitation possible.
(Please see Patient Histories for examples)